Sunday, January 9, 2011

Why I love the Balancing Everything Blog

Let's pretend this is my laundry room OK?

I first fell in love with Jessica several years ago when I was learning about cloth diapering.  I was overwhelmed and felt like everyone else had it all together.  I doubted that I could really do it.  Then I found Jessica and she was OK with showing everyone that she DIDN'T have it all together at all.  It boosted my confidence.  Maybe I could do it too.
I've probably read a million and four articles on laundry organization.  They all get filed as "a great idea for naturally organized people".
But Jessica is talking about her laundry epiphany, and SHOWING her laundry backlog, I listen.  I mean, that laundry room looks like mine.  Maybe this could work for me!!

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