Sunday, January 23, 2011

Freezing bulk purchases

I stumbled on a good deal at the grocery store today.  Thick cut Angus beef ribeyes for $2.99/lb.  One of my favorite things about my local grocer is that they have an in house butcher.  Now I know they don't have whole sides of beef hanging in their cooler and they get meat in semi-cut packages - but I know they cut the ribeyes into steaks themselves.  Mostly because you can see them doing it - and because they will custom cut it for you :)
Anyway....  I like to buy their meat. OK?
These were packages that were still good - but needed to move.  "Reduced for Quick Sale"
I bought up 6 steaks, and wrapped them in freezer paper (I don't like freezing in the store packaging)

*pretend I took a picture and put it here all pretty like*

To help me remember to USE it (like I need to be reminded to eat ribeyes!) I added them to my task list with a date of 6 months from now.  (Calculated from the USDA freezer storage chart).   I use Toodledo for my task management, so in that application I have a context called "pantry".  That's where I list all the food and stuff that I buy ahead and what date I want to use it buy.  I set it to remind me 2 weeks before the "due date".   I give it a location of "freezer" or "pantry" depending on where the item is stored.

I like to keep my pantry list right with my other tasks.  That way when I'm doing a quick skim over the stuff coming up in the next few weeks, I see the food that I need to use and incorporate it into my menu.

I also have a context named "coupons" that I keep a list of the Q's I will want to use even if there hasn't been a sale on that item by the time it expires. (more on that later)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Why I love the Balancing Everything Blog

Let's pretend this is my laundry room OK?

I first fell in love with Jessica several years ago when I was learning about cloth diapering.  I was overwhelmed and felt like everyone else had it all together.  I doubted that I could really do it.  Then I found Jessica and she was OK with showing everyone that she DIDN'T have it all together at all.  It boosted my confidence.  Maybe I could do it too.
I've probably read a million and four articles on laundry organization.  They all get filed as "a great idea for naturally organized people".
But Jessica is talking about her laundry epiphany, and SHOWING her laundry backlog, I listen.  I mean, that laundry room looks like mine.  Maybe this could work for me!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gratitude 01-08-2010

I want to be more proactive about recording my gratitude. I am a very very blessed woman.
I ran errands for my husband this morning and I had all the tools and resources I needed to complete them.
I snuggled with my 6 year old on the couch with a cup of tea and watched The Waltons on DVD.
My older kids drove to their grandparents house to pick up their younger brother who stayed with them last week (yay for the flexibility of homeschooling)
When they returned home, they were all laughing and joking together for half an hour or so before the bickering started. :)
I was able to serve a healthy and nourishing meal to my family.
I listened to my husband and son argue over who Grandma loved the most. :) (we raise boys that love their mama6s 'round these parts)
I will sleep in a warm, soft bed next to the love of my life.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Go Make Your Bed... or not

Like every new year, or new quarter, or new anything I resolve to do better keeping my home neat and tidy.  It's not like I don't know HOW.  I just don't actually DO it.

But wait....

could it be...

messy is the new cool?

Anthropologie via Apartment Therapy

Check out what Apartment Therapy is saying about messy bed!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Low Carbing with Kelly the Kitchen Cop

She's not really in my kitchen like the title makes it sound.
Actually I've been kind of avoiding her blog for a while.
The unhealthy eating is catching up to me though.
OK, it caught up to me a really long time ago and it's taking over.
Geez, cut me some slack already.
Hubby made a comment that he didn't want any bread with supper tonight.
But what about my brand new shiny red kitchen aid mixer?
It needs to be making bread and pie crust and all things yummy to be happy right?
I am a resourceful girl.  I will figure something out.
Maybe I will make small amounts of treats infrequently.
I think that logic is what got me where I am now.
I don't really know how to define infrequently.
Or small amounts.
My family does best without a lot of carbs.
I thought I'd stop by Kelly's for some meal ideas.
Guess what she posted about.
Yep.  Low Carb eating.
OK God.  I hear you.
I'm even planning to listen :)

On with the linky love:
10 Q&A's with Kelly
Low Carb dieting with Kelly
Kelly's low carb meal links


Zen habits has a great article in decluttering and a list of some other really useful articles as well.
3 guesses as to what I'm doing today.

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