Monday, January 3, 2011

Low Carbing with Kelly the Kitchen Cop

She's not really in my kitchen like the title makes it sound.
Actually I've been kind of avoiding her blog for a while.
The unhealthy eating is catching up to me though.
OK, it caught up to me a really long time ago and it's taking over.
Geez, cut me some slack already.
Hubby made a comment that he didn't want any bread with supper tonight.
But what about my brand new shiny red kitchen aid mixer?
It needs to be making bread and pie crust and all things yummy to be happy right?
I am a resourceful girl.  I will figure something out.
Maybe I will make small amounts of treats infrequently.
I think that logic is what got me where I am now.
I don't really know how to define infrequently.
Or small amounts.
My family does best without a lot of carbs.
I thought I'd stop by Kelly's for some meal ideas.
Guess what she posted about.
Yep.  Low Carb eating.
OK God.  I hear you.
I'm even planning to listen :)

On with the linky love:
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