Sunday, January 23, 2011

Freezing bulk purchases

I stumbled on a good deal at the grocery store today.  Thick cut Angus beef ribeyes for $2.99/lb.  One of my favorite things about my local grocer is that they have an in house butcher.  Now I know they don't have whole sides of beef hanging in their cooler and they get meat in semi-cut packages - but I know they cut the ribeyes into steaks themselves.  Mostly because you can see them doing it - and because they will custom cut it for you :)
Anyway....  I like to buy their meat. OK?
These were packages that were still good - but needed to move.  "Reduced for Quick Sale"
I bought up 6 steaks, and wrapped them in freezer paper (I don't like freezing in the store packaging)

*pretend I took a picture and put it here all pretty like*

To help me remember to USE it (like I need to be reminded to eat ribeyes!) I added them to my task list with a date of 6 months from now.  (Calculated from the USDA freezer storage chart).   I use Toodledo for my task management, so in that application I have a context called "pantry".  That's where I list all the food and stuff that I buy ahead and what date I want to use it buy.  I set it to remind me 2 weeks before the "due date".   I give it a location of "freezer" or "pantry" depending on where the item is stored.

I like to keep my pantry list right with my other tasks.  That way when I'm doing a quick skim over the stuff coming up in the next few weeks, I see the food that I need to use and incorporate it into my menu.

I also have a context named "coupons" that I keep a list of the Q's I will want to use even if there hasn't been a sale on that item by the time it expires. (more on that later)

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