Thursday, December 30, 2010

*sniff* Packing away Christmas Decor

I'll be honest. I'm only THINKING about packing things away. My tree only has lights and a star on it this year (but I will show you the pretty ornaments we made) and I am SO loving the simplicity of it! It wasn't planned, but came out of a too hectic pre-Christmas season filled with final exams, a birthday party and some oral surgery.

I am actively looking for some twinkling light decorations for the new year. I"m just not ready to give them up. But, I guess I need to think about packing them away as well. Mandi has a great post full of ideas. I am amused to admit that I had not thought of using plastic grocery bags to wrap things in! I mean really, I am all about reusing things! How could that not have occurred to me? How could I have not seen it on the million +4 organizing blogs I read? It is a mystery that I will likely not solve in this lifetime.

Time to Pack Away the Christmas Decorations

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